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Live Shows

The Strand is home to a range of performers. From magicians and comedians to bands and theatre, check our calendar regularly to see what’s coming up!


Want to perform at The Strand? We’re always looking for new, local and national acts to bring to our stage. Contact us for more information on how to perform at The Strand.

Our venue was built in 1919 as a movie theater and vaudeville theater. In 2015 we converted it into a performing arts center. We removed 100 seats at the front and built an 1152sqft multi-purpose floor. The floor is use for table and chair seating (VIP) and as a dance floor. The rest of the 190 seats are still movie theater style seats.


We have concession snacks like a movie theater as well as a small bar. However, we do not serve meals. 

Venue Rental

The Strand is more than just a performing arts center.  You can also rent the facility for your event.

The Strand can support your wedding reception, movie premier, on-location film shoot, political rally, birthday party and more.

Check out the rentals page for more information.

Need a Historic Building for a Film?

Originally built in 1919 for the golden age of vaudeville theater and movies, the Strand Theater was renamed The Strand Ballroom in 2015.
There were 28 Strand Theaters built across the U.S. and Dover’s Strand is one of only 11 still in service as a performing arts venue. 
Although it was remodeled in 1987, this building still holds the old charms of metalwork around the stage proscenium, ceiling and beams. 
The main theater seats over 300 with a small dance floor below the stage. 
The 20’x30′ movie screen can still be used. 
A smaller side theater seating about 80 is the perfect size for a small seminar with a computer connection for easy display of your digital presentations.
In order to better serve our community, The Strand Ballroom converted to a non-profit organization in 2018 and is now simply known as The Strand.

To learn how to film at The Strand, contact us for more information

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